Domestic Lighting Installation

A well-designed and planned out lighting scheme can transform a house interior but you need the best Domestic Lighting Contractor East Sussex can provide, Orbital Electrical Solutions.

The central ceiling-hung pendant light fitting has been the somewhat boring ‘default’ option in most rooms in our homes, with a couple of wall lights thrown in for good measure or perhaps a few lamps. But if you are building a home from scratch or undertaking the renovation of an older building (where rewiring is often involved), this provides an opportunity to install a domestic lighting solution that fits your requirements and environment.

As experienced Domestic Lighting Contractor East Sussex, Kent and Surrey, Orbital Electrical Solutions know that lighting has a habit of being left to the last minute. The result is often a compromise, extra expense or missed opportunities. We can work with you from the very beginning to ensure that your domestic lighting is well planned.

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Planning a Domestic Lighting Scheme

Early planning is both a money and time saving necessity, once you start thinking about fixtures, floorplans, particularly of rooms such as a kitchen and bathroom you ought to be thinking about how those rooms are going to be lit. Pre-empting problems is key to achieving a great lighting design, compromise and last minute changes are not.

Open plan arrangements which are extremely popular need to given particular attention. ‘Zoning’ of certain areas can be used to great effect as can floor sockets to allow lamps to be located centrally, negating the need for trailing leads from a nearby wall.

Choosing Lightbulbs

The incandescent light ‘bulb’ was traditionally the bulb of choice, but because it is not an efficient product – the incandescent bulb has been phrased out by the EU in recent years with a final ban implemented in September 2012.

Existing stocks of incandescent bulbs still available but being depleted all the time as retailers cannot stock new ones. Energy saving light bulbs are widely available and contrary to common belief there are several different options to suit your requirements, there has been some legitimate complaint that light output is less from energy saving bulbs but outputs are improving all the time.

As Domestic Lighting Contractor East Sussex, Orbital Electrical Solutions can provide advice and education on the options now on offer including CFL’s, Halogen and LED’s.

For example, Halogen bulbs are now usually cheapest, but offer, comparatively the lowest energy savings and durability. Good quality LED’s can last a couple of decades and provide around 30% energy savings compared to traditional incandescent bulbs and appropriate for dimming. CFL’s cost a little more than halogen, but offer much greater energy savings.

Domestic Lighting is a really important element of your house design and the electrical system, with Orbital Electrical Solutions you are in safe hands as we can help guide you through the entire process.

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