House Rewiring Electrician

Orbital Electrical Solutions are the best option for house rewiring East Sussex has to offer and our experience is crucial in making your house safe and in line with current standards.

In a worst case scenario having sub-standard or faulty electrics can be dangerous as a potential fire hazard or the risk of electrocution and injury. The UK Government has brought electrics into building regulations under Part P. Whilst this is great for new properties it did not apply to existing wiring installations. Any major alterations made to a property you own must meet these regulations.

House Rewiring East Sussex

When is house rewiring necessary?

As a general rule of thumb if a house hasn’t been rewired within the last 25-30 years then the likelihood is that it will need to be upgraded in line with current standards and simple not up to the demands of modern living.

How to tell if your property has been rewired recently

It is is fairly straightforward to tell if a house has been rewired recently by inspecting exposed parts of the wiring, the age of the electricity meter and fuse box. However if you are unsure about it then Orbital Electrical Solutions are more than happy to investigate for you.

What if it has not Been Rewired?

If you believe that the property has not been rewired or only partially then a rewire is likely to be necessary. This will require an one of our Orbital Electrical Solution Electricians  to come and survey the property to assess what work is required and also to highlight any potential faults and hazards that may need immediate attention.

Should it be discovered that house rewiring East Sussex is required then Orbital Electrical Solutions will provide a detailed report of the work needed to bring your house up to standard. We will work with you to ensure that your requirements are met and also that your house is future-proofed as we detail further down on this page.

Things to consider

Whilst Orbital Electrical Solutions are considerate and tidy electricians there is an element of the work that can be both messy and disruptive. Stage one is the first fix where the cables and wiring are installed. This is followed by Stage two, the second fix when all the wiring is joined together and made ‘live’, meaning that sockets, switches and lights are fitted.

Much of this wiring will run under floors, through walls and across ceilings so some disruption is inevitable, thus proper planning of what you want in each room needs to be done well in advance. Orbital Electrical Solutions can work with you to plan the best course of action. Our experience of House Rewiring East Sussex is second to none.

Think about future-proofing your home

Society today has become heavily technology reliant and this is supported by the electrical system in your home, whether that be Wi-Fi, TV, surround sound, underfloor heating and much more.

Our experience can help you rewire a house to a standard that should reduce the need for further additions and upgrade for many years.

If you are looking to buy a new property we can help you make an informed decision on electrical works it may require, or if you already have a house renovation project planned, Orbital Electrical Solutions are more than happy to help you.

Please feel free to contact us on 01797 253844 or 07765 626 668 alternatively email us on our contact page.