Automated Gates & CCTV Installation

Orbital Electrical Solutions have years of experience with Automated Gates and CCTV installation in East Sussex.

Security is very important and something that Orbital Electrical Solutions takes very seriously, we only use the best products and work with the best contractors when installing Automated Gates and CCTV in East Sussex, Kent and Surrey.
Automated Gates installation in East Sussex

Automated Gates

We can supply and install all types and styles of Automated Gates, steel, hardwood and softwood or a combination of these materials. Bespoke designs are also available, so please share your ideas with us and we will advise on the best solution.

Automated Gates servicing in East Sussex

Automatic gates are usually in regular use and over time will require repairs and upgrades, Orbital Electrical Solutions suggests servicing at least once per year and sometimes depending on the approximate number of operations per day, don’t wait for your gates to fail before getting in touch.

CCTV Installation

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is now, perhaps unfortunately an increasingly familiar and accepted part of our everyday lives. The advantages of CCTV are obvious: firstly it is a visual deterrent, secondly it provides constant property surveillance to give homeowners peace of mind.

Due to the advances in CCTV technology it has become both more effective and cheaper to install a sophisticated CCTV system than ever before. It allows property or homeowners to receive and observe transmissions wherever they may be and to any device.

CCTV installation in East Sussex

Orbital Electrical Solutions have the industry knowledge to ensure that this technology can be used not only as a deterrent against crime but also as a remote management tool to monitor staff, production lines, the prevention of false insurance claims and an effective enforcer of health and safety legislation in the workplace.

It uses are varied and many so if you need Automated Gates and CCTV installation in East Sussex then please feel free to contact us on 01797 253844 or 07765 626 668 alternatively email us on our contact page.