Lighting Control & Design Electrician

Orbital Electrical Solutions have been working across the South East of the UK  for many years and have extensive knowledge of all types of Commercial Lighting Control and Design.

Whether its additional commercial lighting or a full installation project (internal and external) that you require then our Orbital Electrical Solutions electricians have the necessary qualifications and experience to assist you with any commercial lighting control and design.

commercial lighting control and design

Energy consumption is a huge cost in the commercial and industrial sectors in the UK with some estimates as high as 20% of all electricity generated and as much as 40% of an organisations electricity consumption being taken by lighting.

With that figure in mind it’s clear that any savings on this large overhead will have direct impact on your bottom line and therefore profits. Orbital Electrical Solutions can tailor a commercial lighting design that is more efficient, reducing energy usage and is thus more cost effective.

Using the latest energy saving technologies and manufacturing available, we aim to work closely with you to reduce your Carbon Footprint and achieve the following goals:

Not only can we reduce energy usage, costs and carbon footprint our knowledge and the class leading lighting products we install also provide a more user friendly option of lighting control.

In addition to the Lighting Design and Installation services that we offer, we also provide a wide range of commercial electrical services so we can assist you with services beyond the initial design stage, to provide you with a complete solution to the needs of your project.

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