Electrical Inspection & Testing Services

Electrical Inspection & Testing Services


Our daily reliance on electrical systems can do somewhat unnoticed and unappreciated, until things of wrong, Orbital Electrical Solutions carry out East Sussex Electrical Inspection & Testing.
East Sussex Electrical Inspection Testing

Commercial Electrical Testing & Inspection

Commercial properties and businesses should always have an electrical installation condition report (or Periodic Inspection) carried out in order to identify any problems or deficiencies against the national safety standard.

All electrical installations suffer wear and tear, deteriorating over time, it is all the more critical to ensure that the safety of such systems is paramount as electrical fires and electrocution can potentially occur on a poorly maintained system.

Periodic Inspections

When inspections are required depends on they type of premises:

5 years for Commercial properties is a minimum and we would suggest a more regular inspection with a rolling programme that checks for faults once a year, followed by a complete inspection once every 5 years.

10 years for Domestic properties is a minimum we would recommend but ideally every 5 years.

The requirements of BS 7671 – Requirements for Electrical Installations ( IEE Wiring Regulations ) comprises of the national safety standard for electrical installations.

An inspection will cover the following:

  • presence of adequate identification and notices
  • type of wiring system and its condition
  • serviceability of equipment
  • extent of any wear and tear, damage or other deterioration
  • provision of residual current devices for socket-outlets that may be used to plug in electrical equipment used outdoors
  • suitability of the switch gear and control gear
  •  type of wiring system and its condition
  • any change in use of the premises which have to led to, or might lead to, deficiencies in the installation.

We always provide an electrical installation condition report (EICR) at the conclusion of an electrical inspection.

An EICR will provide a conclusion on the overall condition of the electrical system installation, the report will determine whether it is ‘unsatisfactory’ in which case work is required and will be detailed by our electrician to ensure safe usage or ‘satisfactory’ where no further works are required.
In the event of an ‘unsatisfactory’ report all issues will be recorded under ‘Observations and Recommendations for Actions to be Taken’. Issues will be rated from 1-4 with 1 being considered most urgent and serious.

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Never take the safety of your electrical installation for granted.

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