Bespoke Electrical Solutions

Bespoke Electrical Solutions


Orbital Electrical Solutions specialise in East Sussex Bespoke Electrical Installation, ranging from lighting design, Audio and Visual to Smart heating and security.

More often than not our solutions combine two or three of these elements. Advances in technology and the accessibility of more affordable products enables homeowners to personalise their homes further than they ever have been able to before.

Automation, intelligent design and unparalleled experience means that Orbital Electrical Solutions can provide an unrivalled East Sussex Bespoke Electrical Installation.

The most cutting edge lighting technologies contribute to the design of your interior spaces, accentuating natural light and saving you money on energy bills.

East Sussex Bespoke Electrical Lighting Installation

The home cinema experience is one that you can enjoy with friends and family, we custom design and build systems to provide you with tailored big screen experience. Once we have finished all you need to do is order the popcorn!

With clever design and using the correct products we can transform the designated room in your house into your very own Odeon experience. Ideal for TV, Film and even playing video games.

East Sussex Bespoke Entertainment Installation

Smart Home Systems for Security, Lighting and Heating

Smart Home Systems offer you an effective and convenient set of tools that bring together your lighting, heating, cooling, security, CCTV, automated gates and entertainment systems.

From your Smartphone, Laptop or Tablet you can program your house to behave exactly as you want it to, whether you are there or not.


East Sussex Bespoke Smart Home Installation